My World

{June 5, 2006}   Hello World!!

Well hello world! brb Skye's whinnin and i need a drink, want one? Well its now 8:40am Monday mornin, I've just got back from the shop with mum and Skye, and god it's already too hot! However we suppose to be getting showers later so i best take Skye's raincover with me, Me and mum and Skye obviously are off to Bromley, mums gotta hand a form in and i gott hand me housing benifit form back in cos some twat was pretending to be me anyways thats another story lol, so yeh, gunna have fun plonking the pram down the stairs and up the steps at station's, unless some guy decideds to be helpful – God my tooth is doing my head in! Sayin that,fiddlin with it aint excatly helping argh *sighs*

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